Academic Systems Group (ASG)

The Academic Systems Group (ASG) manages the systems and data that support the UCSC academic mission. ASG's three teams provide support for a large number of critical services widely used across campus.

  • Academic Enterprise: Applications managed by the Academic Enterprise team are used by students, faculty, and many staff and include Academic Information Systems (AIS), MyUCSC and the Graduate Application Review Portal (GARP). AIS is the system of record for Advising, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Financials and Student Records. MyUCSC averages over four million logins a year.  The team also manages  the Narrative Evaluation System (NES) and the Campus Curriculum and Leave Planning (CCLP) system.
  • Web Applications: The Web Applications team provides application and web content support for the divisions of Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical and Biological Sciences, and Graduate Studies. The Web Application Team works with departments across all administrative and academic divisions to support and enhance the campus web presence using the university's Web Content Management System, or WCMS.  This team also supports a large portfolio of applications for the Student Affairs division, including Student   Housing    Online (SHO), the Employee Recruitment System (ERS), and a number of systems for University Dining, Retention Services, and others. These systems are responsible for the health, safety and comfort of the students.
  • Business Analysis: The Business Analysis team supports the entire suite of applications that comprise the ASG portfolio, providing functional support, testing and customer relationship management.

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