Winter 2017 Canvas courses are on UCOP Pilot

Log in at or use the link on the right to access Winter 2017 Canvas courses. Winter 2017 courses are hosted on the pilot instance of Canvas at UCOP.

Spring 2017 Canvas courses are on UCSC Canvas

Log in at or use the login button on the right to access Canvas at UCSC. Beginning with the Spring 2017 quarter, UCSC Canvas courses will be hosted on our own instance of Canvas.

Teaching in Spring Quarter?
Access your Spring Quarter Course Shells on UCSC Canvas

Use the login button on the right to login to UCSC Canvas. Your official course shells with rosters attached will appear on your dashboard for you to configure with your content.

Ready to begin creating course materials for future quarters?
Request a Canvas Test course

Use the Canvas Test Course Shell Request link on the right side of this page to request a Canvas Test course shell where you can create course materials and experiment for future quarters. Once the official course shells are available for that upcoming quarter, you will copy the materials from your test course shells into the official course shell with roster.

DO NOT use this link to request courses for teaching in Spring quarter. Contact the FITC if you do not see your Spring quarter course shells on your dashboard.

Canvas at UCSC is live!

Canvas at UCSC is now in production. Beginning with the Spring 2017 course catalog, all courses will have a course shell created in Canvas. There are no restrictions in Canvas on the number of courses going forward. Log into Canvas at UCSC at or use the login button at the top of this page.

Explore the Canvas FAQ for UCSC faculty to learn more about Canvas.

eCommons will remain available through Winter 2018. However, no new courses or course materials should be developed in eCommons. Also, graduate-level courses should not be hosted in eCommons. 

Faculty are encouraged to be very clear with students about where to find their courses in Spring quarter. Providing a direct URL to the course in Canvas will help students end up in the right place.

Getting Started in Canvas

  • Log into Canvas to begin populating your Spring quarter course shells
  • Use the link on this page to request a Test course site where you can create and explore
  • Explore the options for Canvas training. A link to upcoming training sessions is on the right side of this page.F
  • Check out the Canvas FAQ for UCSC faculty
  • Browse the Canvas Guides and Resources linked on the right side of this page
  • Contact the FITC to answer your questions and resolve your LMS issues

Migrating Courses from eCommons to Canvas

Course materials in eCommons have been extracted for all courses from Fall 2012 through Fall 2016. Winter 2017 courses will be extracted after the quarter concludes.

Faculty can contact the FITC for a Google Drive link to course materials. Extracted materials include syllabus, resources, web links and assignments. Tests and quizzes require special handling. Contact the FITC for guidance and assistance in getting these materials recreated in Canvas.

Contact the FITC for advice and assistance in accessing eCommons content, uploading it to Canvas, and organizing your course in Canvas.

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