Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Program

ITS needs to be prepared to respond to information system disaster and disruptions to support the business continuity and recovery of campus operations.


This program will develop and deploy an ITS enterprise system backup and recovery assessment and prioritized action plan, including items for disaster mitigation.

This program will help prepare ITS to respond to campus requests for information and support resulting from the UC wide “UC Ready” Business Continuity planning tool.


  • BC/DR Enterprise System Plan will document all systems considered in scope and complete a risk assessment for backup and recovery of data, application, and operating systems.
  • Provide documented direction on business continuity archiving and backup/disaster recovery requirements for work done by Core Technologies, Applications and Project Management, and other ITS units doing back-up and recovery of data.
  • Identification and ratification of a priority matrix of back-up and recovery projects aligned with campus priorities where known (it will not define the campus priorities).
  • Definition, clarification and selection of standards and support requirements for maintenance of daily operations, (e.g. FEMA’s National Incident Management System i.e. NIMS, Incident Control System i.e. ICS, Continuity of Operations i.e.COOP).

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