ITS Outage Process

The ITS Outage Process is a standard process for planned and unplanned outages for Information Technology Services and is intended to minimize the impact of service disruptions.

This process applies to all outages, and any change with a risk of an outage, to production services and network infrastructure, components, and capacity for which ITS is accountable. Service changes may also be announced using this process. Please refer to the ITS Maintenance Window guidelines if your service does not have a SLA or equivalent.

The guideline for requesting approval of planned changes is two weeks prior to the change. This is reflected in Planned Change URGENCY:

  • Normal > 2 weeks
  • High 1-2 weeks
  • Urgent < 1 week
  • Critical < 1 day

Planned Outages 

A planned outage is when a planned change causes an interruption in client or internal facing production services with any amount of downtime. A planned outage is when planning and scheduling of the outage occurs in advance. ITS Planned Outage Process

Unplanned Outages 

An unplanned outage is an interruption in client or internal facing production services that wasn't planned in advance. ITS Unplanned Outage Process

ITS Maintenance Calendar

All planned outages, routine maintenance, and campus electrical power outages are listed on the ITS Maintenance Calendar. Unplanned outages are also listed once the information is known.