Planned Changes and Outages Process

The ITS Change Management and Planned Outage process is for review and scheduling of planned changes to the production environment where an outage is either required or there is a risk of an outage occurring. Changes should be planned with normal urgency when possible. The goal is to have all changes managed within the IT Request system, though changes can be scheduled and planned using IT Request or Email. 

The guideline for requesting approval of planned changes is two weeks prior to the change. This is reflected in Planned Change URGENCY:

  • Normal > 2 weeks
  • High 1-2 weeks
  • Urgent < 1 week
  • Critical < 1 day


For Planned Changes and Outages submit the information via IT Request OR Email. 

IT Request: Login to IT Request and expand the "Change" application on the left navigation area. Click on "Create New", then Normal (unless the other options apply to your change request) and fill out the change form. If you don’t see your system/application please contact Melanie Douglas to have it added.

A link to the training video for the IT Request Change Management application is available, along with an index, in KB0017006.

** OR **

Email: Please include the following information in your email:

  • Who: Technician (s) performing the work.
  • What: Summary of outage: Include client facing service name and brief description of outage or change.
  • Why: Reason for outage or change. Why is this outage happening?
  • When: Date, time and duration of proposed outage or change implementation window.
  • Clients: If known, who and how many will be impacted.
  • Risk elements: Testing results, training required, time to perform work, back-out/recovery plan, impact if change not performed.
  • Communication: What communication steps have you taken if any? Do you need assistance with communication?

Emailing sc.update notifies the ITS Support Center, change manager, communication manager, and other ITS staff. 


For a hard copy of this process: ITS Outage Process (PDF)