Cognos Reporting

Cognos UpFront provides staff with read-only access to AIS data in the form of both static reports and multi-dimensional objects called "Cubes". Cubes contain an enormous amount of information that can be sliced and diced on a number of different data dimensions to produce a wide variety of reports. Access to Cognos is available to staff with a business need for AIS data.  

IMPORTANT UPDATE 7/15/14:  The Cognos AIS reporting service is currently transitioning to InfoView, a service run by Planning and Budget.  Already much of the Student Records data is available in InfoView and a number of reports already have replaced those in Cognos.  If you are considering getting a Cognos account, please first make sure to take a look at InfoView to make sure that the report(s) you need are not yet available there.  If they are not, it is important to make sure there are plans to reproduce them before Cognos is retired.  Contact Kimberly Register at

How to Request

Request a Cognos Account
For new accounts, training requests, and requests to change account access privileges.

Request a Custom Report

Turnaround Time

Cognos account requests can typically be turned around within three business days if prerequisites are met and supervisors provide timely approval.  Custom reports are created on the basis of technician availability and turn around times vary with the time of year and complexity of the report.


There is no cost for either the Self Service or Custom Reporting Service options.

Service Options

Self Service
Most reporting is self-service using the Cognos Upfront Tool.  

Custom Reporting Service
For reportings using data that is not available yet in InfoView the Cognos team will take requests for custom report development.  Response times vary widely with technician availability.

Cognos Retirement
Cognos will be retired in late 2014.  More information...

Prerequisites for Cognos Access:

  1. Users must submit the Access to Information Statement (PDF)

  2. Users must read the Policy on Privacy of Student Records and take the FERPA Quiz

  3. Users must have a business need for access to AIS data and supervisor approval. 

  4. Users are strongly encouraged to take the Intro to Cognos Upfront training. An Online Tutorial is also available.