Computer Imaging & Setup

We prepare university-owned computers for use with standard software and configuration.

New Computer Purchasing

For information about choosing and ordering a new computer, please visit:

New Computer Standards

UCSC New Computer Standards - Dell/Apple Options and Pricing (UCSC Google Login Required)

New Computer "Imaging"

After receiving a new computer it should be configured with a current standard operating system, applications, accounts, and settings.  The process for installing all of this is called "imaging".  Imaging the computer installs a standard set of software (operating system and applications) all at once.  This provides a consistent, secure, computing environment for you to use.  After imaging the new computer we then copy your files, data, and settings from the old computer to the new computer.

We are currently imaging new computers with these standard operating systems:

windows logo

Windows 7 SP1
This is the default system for Windows computers.  
We install 64-bit Windows 7 Professional unless there is a requirement for the 32-bit version.

Windows 8
This is available for computer models that require it or by request. 

Windows XP-SP3 (Retired)
Windows XP is no longer available.  XP Retirement Info


OS X Mavericks
All new Macs require Mavericks.

OS X Mountain Lion
OS X Lion
Mac OS X Snow Leopard

We image Macs with the latest licensed version.
Macs must run the version of OS X that comes with the computer or higher. 

How to request new computer imaging & setup

When you order and receive a new computer, submit a ticket in IT Request to have your computer imaged.  In the ticket you can select

Service: My Computer
System/Application: New Computer Setup 

How long does it take to image and configure a new computer?

We can pick up your computer or you can drop it off at the ITS Help Desk (54 Kerr Hall).  We will image the computer within 1-2 days and then schedule a time to deliver the computer, transfer your data (this takes 1-3 hours), and configure any additional settings. On average, we can image and set up your computer within 3-5 days of submitting a ticket.


The standard images come with some software programs pre-installed.  To view a list of installed programs, visit the Standard Mac and Standard Windows pages.  If you need additional software, you can order using the ITS Software order form on the ITS Software pages.

You may need to purchase newer versions of software to be compatible with a new or updated computer.  We can help you identify any software you would need to purchase.

Computer Operating System Upgrades

We provide upgrades to a current operating system using the same imaging process.  This ensures updated programs and settings are installed along with the updated OS. We make a copy of your data, image your computer, then copy the data back to the computer.  In order to fully complete this process, we may require software installers and registration codes from you to re-install applications.

Computer Setup Options

Run Windows on OS X Computers
Mac desktops and laptops can run Windows in addition to the OS X operating system.