What's New in eCommons for Fall 2013

New Look with Neo-Portal

    New Look and Easier Navigation with Neo-Portal

  • eCommons is sporting an updated look called Neo-Portal. Neo-portal increases ease of navigation in eCommons. Click on site name and you can navigate directly to the tool you want in that site. Click on MySites and you will find your "drawer" of sites. Publish your site directly from your site home page.

    Click here to see a webinar by rSmart demonstrating new features in eCommons.

    The Faculty Instructional Technology Center is pleased to offer the following eCommons workshops - Introduction to eCommons, Collaboration Tools, Gradebook2. You can search our listings of workshops and register to attend a workshop via the campus Events Manager. 

    Click here to find our workshops in the Events Manager

  • Gradebook2

  • Have you been looking for a gradebook that can manage extra credit? Are you looking for a final grade extract that can be easily uploaded to my.ucsc.edu? Gradebook2 might be just what you have been missing!

    You can register for a Gradebook2 workshop at the campus Events Manager.

    Click on this link to sign up for Gradebook2 workshops

  • iClicker Integration

  • Allow instructors to link their rosters with igrader and it also allows students to register their iClickers through eCommons.

  • Staff Accounts Automatically Integrated with eCommons

  • After a coordinated cross-campus effort, we are now able to integrate all staff automatically into eCommons.

  • New Tools and Enhanced Existing Tools


    Gradebook2 - enhanced with extra-credit and other desired features; Sign-up Tool- Setup events with a sign-up feature - Click here to learn about the Sign-up Tool; Profile2- Optional profile tool that has a Facebook style wall; Lessons Builder - Provides a way to structure course content - Click here to learn about Lessons Builder


    CK (Rich Text/Web) Editor - now allows links to Resources, Tests&Quizzes, Forums and Assignments; Forums - completely redesigned online forums tool; Resources - drag and drop; Gradebook - drop lowest or highest

  • Evaluation System - Introduces Digest eMail Notifications

  • We are pleased to announce that as part of this upgrade the Evaluation System will now send digest notifications of available evaluations. Previously, students received reminders every other day for each course they were to evaluate. With our upgrade, students will receive one notification that informs them to click the link to complete the available evaluations. They will still receive one notice every other day until all of the available evaluations have been submitted. With digest notification, we expect the email traffic from the Evaluation System to students to drop by a significant percentage.

  • Want to Know More - Check Out the 2.9 Release Notes

  • Click here to see the release notes from our vendor - rSmart/AsahiNet International