Google Email Nickname

The Google Email Nickname (alias) is an alternate email address associated with your UCSC Google email address. You can use it to send and receive email, but it doesn't change the your CruzID. You still login with your CruzID and Blue password to access your UCSC Google email account, but you can send and receive email as the nickname address. It does not affect Google Calendar or any other Google Apps. 

When requesting a Google Email Nickname, you may use the hyphen - , or the underscore _, or the dot . as punctuation. You may use 3 to 32 characters for your nickname.

How to Use Your Email Nickname

Once your request is complete and you receive your Email Nickname, to learn how to use it click here and click on the 2nd link titled "I'm a Google Apps for Business user sending from a domain alias or nickname."

Once you've successfully added your Nickname to your UCSC email account, you can send email from your address by choosing it in the "from field" when you compose an email.

If you would like your Nickname to be the default for incoming and outgoing mail, go back to your email Settings> Accounts> and then click on "make default" which is located on the right of the Nickname.

You will still use your CruzID account as your userid / username and your current CruzID Blue password to login to your Google Apps, but your email messages will now be from your address.

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