UCSC Google Chat

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Google Chat lets you send and receive instant messages with friends, family, and colleagues using your UCSC Google account.

Getting Started with Chat

To begin using Chat in Gmail, login to your UCSC Google email account and follow these steps:

  • Make sure to turn the Chat feature ON in Gmail by going to your email settings, click the Chat tab, and choose "Chat on." Click save changes
  • You can adjust your chat history by turning the chat history off for all your chats. Instructions
  • By default, the Chat area is located on the left side under your email labels. It might be hard to see. If you'd rather have right side Chat, go to your email settings, click the Labs tab, and enable "Right-side Chat." Click save changes.
  • Start a Chat:Instructions

Chat using Hangouts or Video Calls

Instant messaging is just one way to chat, you can also chat via Hangouts and Video Calls. 

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