Advisory Committee for IT (ACIT)

The Advisory Committee for Information Technology (ACIT) provides a forum for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and policies for campus information technology in order to support and advance campus priorities. The work of the ACIT is intended to further an information technology environment that supports and facilitates the realization of campus, divisional, and individual goals. ACIT solicits input as appropriate from campus senior management, relevant Academic Senate committees, advisory committees, and a wide range of campus constituencies.


Mary Doyle, Vice Chancellor Information Technology
David Sonnenberg, Assistant Dean for Planning and Resources Management, Social Sciences


Dean’s designate: Arts Division (Irene Gustafson)
Dean’s designate: Humanities Division (David Symonik)
Dean’s designate: Physical & Biological Sciences Division (Maria Kerschen)
Dean’s designate: School of Engineering (Maureen McLean)
Dean’s designate: Social Sciences Division (David Sonnenberg)
Chancellor’s designate (Ashish Sahni)
Executive Vice Chancellor’s designate (one or more of the following):

  • Designate from EVC’s office 
  • Vice Provost’s designate: Academic Affairs
  • Vice Provost’s designate: Graduate Studies
  • Vice Provost’s designate: Silicon Valley Initiatives
  • Vice Provost’s designate: Undergraduate Education (Patrick Register)

Associate University Librarian (Robin Chandler)
Vice Chancellor’s designate: Business & Administrative Services (Monique Leduc)
Vice Chancellor’s designate: Planning & Budget (Troy Lawson)
Vice Chancellor’s designate: Student Affairs (Carolyn Golz)
Vice Chancellor’s designate: University Relations (Brian Duisenberg)
Vice Chancellor’s designate: Research (declined)
Committee on Teaching designate: (TBD)
Committee on Information Technology designate (Grant Pogson)
Committee on Research designate: (Yat Li)
Student Union Association Representative (TBD)
Graduate Student Association Representative (TBD)
Academic Department Manager Representative (Sissy Madden)

ITS Representatives:
ITS Directors (Doug Hartline, Greg Gaither, Magge McCue, Peter McMillan, Andrea Hesse)
Divisional Liaison (Academic, Steve Hauskins)
Staff to Committee: Laurie Swan

Chairs of standing ACIT subcommittees:
Learning Technology Committee: Jim Phillips
Information Technology Security Committee: Mary Doyle, Janine Roeth