The campus strongly encourages departments to purchase everyday supplies and low-value items using two preferred methods - CruzBuy or a UCSC Pro -Card. Each unit should have a CruzBuy and/or Pro Card purchaser. When using one of these purchasing alternatives is not available or is not feasible under the circumstances, an individual may use personal funds to purchase such goods and obtain reimbursement for the purchase. The following guidelines are only for reimbursement for general supplies and low-value equipment. They do not cover travel expenses.

  1. Obtain supervisor approval before you make a purchase
  2. Retain original receipt(s)
  3. Follow the instructions on the FAST  web page (Financial Administrative Services & Transactions). Please note:  If this is your first time being reimbursed, please complete the Payee Set Up_204 form in the Before You Start section
  4. On Step 2 of “Request a Direct Payment”, obtain your unit manager's signature on the “Tier 1: Authorization for funding line”
  5. Send the Direct Payment, with receipt(s) attached, to the budget analyst for your unit for foapal verification and approval.
  6. The paperwork will then be sent to FAST for processing.