Ordering Network Service

In most departments, there are staff members (usually facilities coordinators) who serve as liaisons for ordering telephone and network services. While ITS will make every effort to provide detailed information on this page, when it comes time to order a telephone and network service or make a change to an existing service, your facilities coordinator is your starting point. If you are not sure who that person is, please email coretechservices@ucsc.edu

Ordering Network Services

If you are a facilities coordinator and would like to order new or change existing telephone or network service:

  • Go to http://itrequest.ucsc.edu
  • Select "Request Services" and login with your CruzID and Gold password. If you are a facilities coordinator for your department, you will see the telephone and network service request items. Select the service you wish to request and following the instructions. 
  • If you are not a facilities coordinator, you will not not see the telephone and network service request items and will not be able to complete the request. If you should be a facilities coordinator for your department, please email coretechservices@ucsc.edu so ITS can give you the appropriate access and help you place the order. 

Ensuring Timely Service

Service requests are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. To secure the earliest available date, please fill-in the date field of the order form with ASAP. If you require service on a specific date, and want that date guaranteed, we must receive your order a minimum of seven business days prior to the date you write in the “date needed” field. Expedited orders can be negotiated so please note why the order should be rushed in the comments section of the order form.

New Wire or Small Cable Projects

Where the building cable is not sufficient to support services, new wiring can be installed as a special construction project. Projects include a new wireless access points, new data or telephone wiring and other unique/special network move, add, and change work.

  • Fill out a Communications Facilities Project Request (PDF) form with appropriate FOAPAL information and have it signed by your unit financial person. Include the following information on the recharge form if applicable:
    • If new wiring - In the description field provide the building room(s) that require new wiring and the number of new jacks requested. Provide a floor plan (a hand-drawn sketch is fine) of the room(s) where the jacks are to be installed with the proposed location of the new wiring. This is required.
    • If other project - In the description field provide a brief description of your request and any technical requirements.
    • Provide a name and phone number of a person that a cable plant representative may contact to schedule a walk through.
    • Provide specific date(s) that may need to be accommodated in case of office moves or office construction. Note: Standard turn around time for a small wiring project is 3 to 6 weeks from the date your request is received. Other small technical projects may be able to be executed within the standard 10 working day turn around time for work orders.
  • Mail this form via Campus Mail to: ITS
  • Or Fax to: Campus ext. 2-7227 (831.502.7227)

To add one or two new jacks to a location, there is a fixed cost of $591.00 per jack for the first two jacks. To activate the jack it is an additional $138 per jack.

Additional jacks in the same location as part of the project are billed on a time and materials basis. We will provide a quote before beginning work if there are time and materials charges.

If you decline the bid, we will close the order per your request.