Security Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

April 28, 2014

The ITS security team is keeping an eye on a new security vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer that could allow remote attackers to gain control of a person's computer after they have clicked on a bad link or opened an infected attachment.

This vulnerability affects anyone using a version of the browser that falls between Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 11, though attackers appear to be actively targeting only those using the latest three versions of IE.

What Should You Do?

The most obvious way to avoid becoming a victim of this vulnerability is to use another browser, such as Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, or Apple's Safari.

To ensure that you're protected, don't click on any strange links you receive in unsolicited emails or open any unfamiliar attachments. If you don't know who the email is from - DELETE IT!

Starting at 10AM on April 29, ITS will deploy a Microsoft workaround fix to all managed Windows computers on campus with TEM/BigFix. This fix will not include Microsoft XP since that operating system retired on April 8 and is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you are still using Microsoft XP, please contact the ITS Support Center to request an upgrade. Read more about XP retirement at:

If you have any questions, contact the ITS Support Center.