Capital Projects: Phase C


Facilities served by Phase C include those buildings that are served by ADF in Stevenson, Crown and DARC. A building list for Phase C can be found below.

Phase C Building List

7129 Cowell College Garage
7130 Cowell College Academic Building
7131 Cowell College Library
7132 Cowell College Classroom Building
7133 Cowell College Faculty Wing
7134 Cowell College Commons
7566 Cowell College Faculty Office Addition
7143 Stevenson College Academic Building
7144 Stevenson Dining Commons
7197 Stevenson College Library
7199 Hahn Art Facility
7430 Stevenson College Music Practice
7701 Cowell College Apt Building 1 (LT Lab)
7079 Utility Services Trailer
7155 Crown College Classroom Building
7156 Crown College Faculty Wing
7157 Crown Commons
7159 Crown College Admin Building
7162 Crown College Library
7163 Student Music East - KZSC Radio Station
7185 Merrill College Dining Commons
7186 Merrill College Commons
7189 Merrill College Academic Building
7190 Merrill College Administration Building
7309 Merrill College Library
7310 Merrill College Faculty Common
7415 Merrill College Plaza
7417 KZSC Transmitter
7730 Merrill College Faculty Office Annex
7806 Merrill Ming Ong Computer Lab
7404 Firehouse 
7311 Theater Arts A Main Stage
7312 Theater Arts B Drama
7313 Theater Arts C Studio
7314 Theater Arts D Student Production
7315 Theater Arts E Classroom
7316 Theater Arts F Ticket Office
7318 Theater Arts H 2nd Stage
7319 Theater Arts I 2nd Stage Annex
7320 Theater Arts J Offices
7405 Theater Arts Foundry (N)
7534 Theater Arts K Costume
7923 Theater Arts L Experimental Theater
7924 Theater Arts M Media Theater
7925 Gamelan Studio
7493 Elena Baskin Building A Clay Sculpture
7494 Elena Baskin Building B Storage
7495 Elena Baskin Building C Sculpture
7496 Elena Baskin Building D Multipurpose
7497 Elena Baskin Building E Painting
7498 Elena Baskin Building F Drawing
7499 Elena Baskin Building G Printmaking
7784 Elena Baskin Building H Plaster
7815 Elena Baskin Building I Photo
7822 Elena Baskin Building J Visual Arts
7833 Elena Baskin Building K Arts Storage 2
7926 Elena Baskin Building L Watercolor
7927 Elena Baskin Building M Oil Painting
7928 Elena Baskin Building N Custodial
7929 Elena Baskin Building P Sculpture 2
7181 University House
7717 Digital Arts Research Center
7754 Academic Resource Center
7755 Academic Resource Center MP Building
7922 Music Center