Security Audit Agents

What is this?

A Security Audit Agent is a program that ensures that devices trying to connect to the network don't pose a security risk. Security audit agents typically check to make sure anti-virus is installed and up to date and systems and applications are patched and up to date.

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At UCSC, the Impulse Safe Connect security audit agent is used to check the security of devices connecting to the UCSC residential networks (ResNet). All ResNet users except those living at Family Student Housing require validation from Safe Connect.

Under UCSC policy, other departments may use security audit agents to ensure the security of their networks and systems. However, there is no campus requirement for this other than as implemented for ResNet (see above). 


Contact the ITS Support Center if you would like your computer configured to meet these requirements. If you have questions, contact the Support Center.

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Rev. November 2011