UC Cyber Security Awareness Training

Required for all UC employees

cyber training
Training Overview:

As part of the University of California's efforts to address the increasing threats to the security of our information systems and data, all UC employees are now required to take a Cyber-Security Awareness training.

Each member of the University community has a responsibility to safeguard the information assets entrusted to us. This training program will better prepare all of us to fulfill this responsibility and to strengthen our defenses against future attacks.

Format: This course is composed of 13 required video modules covering a number of important information security topics. You will watch each video and then answer questions to demonstrate that you understood the content. You will see a check box next to each module when you have completed it.

Length: The Cyber Security Awareness training will take approximately 50 minutes to complete. You may take the course in more than one sitting. A “bookmark” function will remember the modules you have already completed.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction
  • You Are The Target
  • Social Engineering
  • Email and Messaging
  • Browsing
  • Social Networks
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Passwords
  • Data Security
  • Hacked
  • Privacy
  • International Travel
  • Conclusion

Accessing the Training:

You can access the training via the UC Learning Center. Log in using your CruzID and Gold password at http://learningcenter.ucsc.edu/. If you have not yet set your CruzID Gold password, you will need to do that first.

The training requires a current web browser. Older browser versions, (e.g. Internet Explorer 8 & 9) will not be able to play the video. 

After you log in, if you do not see the Cyber Security Awareness training in your Learner home page “To-Do” section, type “Cyber Security Awareness” (without quotes) in the Search field. If you experience trouble with the training or access problems, please contact learningcenter@ucsc.edu.


* Pop-Up and Script Blocking: The UC Learning Center software uses pop-up windows to display the online courseware window. If it appears the window is frozen after you log in, check if any browser pop-up blocking notifications are present. If notifications are present you can:

  1. Allow the pop-up window for this session or
  2. Allow all pop-ups from the domain names sumtotalsystems.com. Option b is recommended to eliminate this delay for future UC Learning Center sessions.
  3. If you're browser is set to block scripts, you will also have to allow cloudfront.net for this training to function properly. Make this a temporary exception, not a permanent one.

** Instructions for setting your CruzID Gold password

Getting Help:

If you experience trouble with the training or access problems, please contact the UC Learning Center Support Team at learningcenter@ucsc.edu

If you have a question or need help updating your web browser, please submit an IT Request ticket at http://itrequest.ucsc.edu or contact the ITS Support Center by email help@ucsc.edu, telephone 459-HELP (4357), or in-person Kerr Hall Room 54.

For more information about Cyber Security, please visit http://its.ucsc.edu/security