UC Information Security Awareness Training

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Training Overview:

This training was developed by the University of California for use at all UC locations. It is designed to raise awareness about information security, good information security practices, and related policy in order to help prevent unintentional compromises of sensitive information and computing systems. Adopting behaviors that protect information benefits the University, and can benefit you and your family, as well.

Length: This training will take most people 30-40 minutes to complete. If you progress entirely at the pace of the training's audio, it will take close to an hour. You will be able to print a certificate of completion at the end.

Topics Covered:

  • Contemporary threats to information and information security
  • Good behaviors that protect the University’s and your own information
  • Social Engineering
  • Passwords
  • Physical and Mobile Security
  • Email
  • Malware
  • Confidentiality on the Internet
  • Local Resources
    • UC Resources - clickable, printable screen shot of the UC Resources slide
    • UCSC Resources- clickable, printable screen shot of the UCSC Resources slide

Accessing the Training:

To access the UC Information Security Awareness training, you will need to log into the UCSC Learning Center with your CruzID Gold password. If you have not yet set your CruzID Gold password, you will need to do that first.

The UCSC Learning Center supports the following browsers: Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0+ (PC), and Safari 5 (Mac). Also see the note* below these instructions about pop-up blocking.

  1. Step 1: Log into the UC Learning Center
    • Go to http://learningcenter.ucsc.edu/ and click Employee Login
    • Enter your CruzID and Gold password (link to information about CruzID Gold is below these instructions**)
  2. Step 2: Select and launch the Information Security Awareness course
    • Enter "security" (without quotes) in the upper left search box and click Go
    • Select the “Information Security Awareness” course, then click Register
    • Click Submit (near the bottom of the screen)
    • Click Start -- the training will open in a separate popup window*
    • You do not have to complete the training in one sitting. The program will keep track of your progress.
  3. Step 3: Finishing the training
    • You must click DONE on the last page of the training for the program to register that you have completed it. (You may have to close the certificate pop-up to get back to the last page of the training so you can do this.)
    • You will receive a completion email after you click "DONE."

* Pop-Up Blocking: The UC Learning Center software uses pop-up windows to display the online courseware window. If it appears the window is frozen after you log in, check if any browser pop-up blocking notifications are present. If notifications are present you can:
a) Allow the pop-up window for this session or
b) Modify the browsers pop-up blocker domain name exception list and allow pop-ups from the domain name sumtotalsystems.com. Option b is recommended to eliminate this delay for future UC Learning Center sessions.

** Instructions for setting your CruzID Gold password 

Incentive Program:
Note: Incentive period has ended. See incentive award winners below!

In order to encourage employees to take this important training, UC Risk Services has sponsored an incentive program:

  • UCSC employees completing the course by February 28, 2013 were automatically entered in a random drawing for one of fifteen $50 Baytree Bookstore gift cards.
  • UCSC employees completing the course between March 1, 2013 - April 30, 2013 were automatically entered in a random drawing for one of ten $25 Baytree Bookstore gift cards.

The fine print:
No action beyond completing the course is required for entry (be sure to click DONE at the end of the training for the program to register that you have completed it -- see step 4, above). Only UCSC employees are eligible. Winners will be notified via email and publicized on the ITS web site. Limit one gift card per person.


The following people each received $50 Baytree Bookstore gift certificates in the first random drawing! (drawing info above)

Adrian Bivol, School of Engineering
Amy Mandell, Counseling & Psychological Services
Astrid Shannon, Student Health Center
Brett Eymard, Dining Services
Debbie Welch, Arts
Deb Nordland, Information Technology Services
Eric Rowley, Counseling & Psychological Services
Frank Widman, Staff Human Resources
Kara Snider, Cowell College
Mary Knudtson, Student Health Center
Nancy Degnan, Academic Personnel Office
Patsy Rodriguez-Canderle, Student Health Center
Timmy Lee, Dining Services
Tracy Larrabee, School of Engineering
Young Kim, School of Engineering

The following people each received $25 Baytree Bookstore gift certificates in the second random drawing! (drawing info above)

Amanda Muzzi-Hall, TAPS
Cathy Schoenfeld, Staff Human Resources
Christy Carson, Staff Human Resources
Curtis Swain, University Housing Services
Erica Ray, Financial Affairs
Jane Hartman, College 9
Katie Linder, Kresge College
Monica Galvan, Educational Partnership Center
Shane Sanchez, Crown College
Suifeng Deng, University Extension

Getting Help:

UC Learning Center Help:
Online usage instructions and help documentation for the UC Learning Center are available from the UC Learning Center login page and from your home page when you are logged in to the UC Learning Center. Direct link: http://learningcenter.ucsc.edu/lms_help.html

ITS Support Center:
Contact the ITS Support Center with questions or for assistance:

  • Online: itrequest.ucsc.edu.
    Service: Business Systems; System/Application: UC Learning Center
  • Phone: (831) 459-HELP (4357)
  • Email: help@ucsc.edu
  • In Person: Kerr Hall, room 54. In person support is available Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM.