Mountain Lion 10.8 Information

Apple has released their next major version of Mac OS X, "Mountain Lion" on July 25th, 2012. If you are thinking about upgrading to Mountain Lion or purchasing a new computer with Mountain Lion, please read the following message. More information is available on Apple's website at:

Please review these issues and consult with ITS support staff before upgrading existing Macs to Mountain Lion or purchasing new Macs which may require Mountain Lion.

- Once updated, there is no easy rollback method. You will have to request a reimaging of your Mac to an earlier OS version. Please make sure your software is compatible before you update!

- Versions of FileMaker Pro before version 8.5 will not run on Mountain Lion. If you need to access FileMaker databases using FileMaker version 5.5 through version 8.0, you should not upgrade to Mountain Lion and should not purchase a new Mac which requires Mountain Lion. Also, if you see an error when installing versions 11 or 12, FileMaker has a workaround listed here. Contact your Divisional Liaison or Local IT specialist if you need more information about FileMaker versions you use.

- Because older versions of software may not run properly on Mountain Lion, upgrading to Mountain Lion may also require the purchase of newer software versions such as Microsoft Office and Adobe applications.  Please check the Standard Supported Software for updates. If your software is not listed there, you should check with the vendor for Mountain Lion compatibility.

New feature: iCloud. This feature allows users to save their documents to Apple’s web storage called iCloud. Since UC does not have an agreement with Apple for the protection of data stored in their cloud, do not use iCloud for sensitive UCSC files or data. For more information on "free" services, please see this ITS Security page.

Purchase information: OS X Licensing webpage.