OS X 10.6 Retirement

ITS will end support for Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) during summer 2015. It was released in 2009. The last update from Apple was March 2013. Apple released a security update for its other more recent systems in Feburary 2014, but did not include Snow Leopard. It is against University policy for ITS to support an insecure operating system.

To see what operating system you are using, go to the Apple Menu in the top left corner. Select “About This Mac” to see the version number. Also, note if the processor says “PowerPC”. If so, you will need to get a newer computer with an “Intel” processor. Snow Leopard was the last operating systems that could use PowerPC (using Rosetta).

Support retirement means that desktop support staff will no longer install or troubleshoot issues related to this software. Instead, ITS will provide assistance with updating to a supported operating system.

Apple’s currently supported operating systems include:

  • 10.7 (Lion)
  • 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • 10.9 (Mavericks) -- recommended by ITS

OS X Licensing page

What do I do if I have 10.6 Mac?

  1. ITS recommends you upgrade to Mac OS X 10.9.
  2. Determine whether existing application software needs to be upgraded here.
  3. Put in a ticket to have 10.9 installed.
  4. Total cost = none