ReadyTalk Conference Calling

ReadyTalk support will be ending soon and replaced with a new video conference service called Zoom.

Access ReadyTalk:
1-866-740-1260 (enter access code)

GET HELP-ReadyTalk Customer Service:

About ReadyTalk

Set up a conference call with more than 2 off-campus participants or multiple on campus participants by using ReadyTalk. If you have less than 2 off-campus participants or less than 6 on-campus participants, it is possible to use your campus phone for teleconferencing. See UCSC Telephone conference calling.

ReadyTalk is a UC wide conference service provider. The discounted rate is less than 3 cents per minute per participant. ReadyTalk is a "pay as you go" service with NO one-time sign-up fees or recurring charges. 

Audio/Web Conferencing

  • No reservations required
  • Cost-effective at less than 3 cents per minute per participant
  • Maximum of 99 participants. If you have more participants, contact ReadyTalk at (800) 843-9166.

Web only Conferencing

  • Available at no cost
  • Deliver visual content and interactive presentations at your meeting while using teleconference features on our campus phones (up to 6 campus participants). These users can be audioconferenced by using UCSC Telephone conference calling.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is included in your existing web conferencing subscription at no additional charge. More information about ReadyTalk Video Conferencing

  • Four simultaneous video conferencing feeds which can be shared by chairpersons, co-presenters, or participants.
  • 25 participant capacity for viewing the video feeds.
  • Chairpersons and co-presenters can actively manage the shared video feeds.

Recording and Archiving

ReadyTalk allows users to record and archive their conference calls for a fee.

  • Record your conference.
  • Archive Hosting is available.
    • Note: When using ReadyTalk archiving, be aware that storage costs add up quickly. Recordings can be saved locally to avoid storage costs.
    • If you have a legitimate reason for using ReadyTalk Archiving, store only what you need and delete archived recordings as soon as you are done with them.

See ReadyTalk's Recording Management Guide for more information.


ReadyTalk Cost and Billing

ReadyTalk is a "pay as you go" service with NO sign-up fees or recurring charges. 

  • All ReadyTalk charges are billed back to the faculty/staff assigned campus telephone number and will be reported on the ITS Monthly Billing statements.
  • The ReadyTalk Audio service is .017 cents a minute plus a 5.4% surcharge from Network Services. The ReadyTalk Web service is .027 cents per use. 

Sign Up for ReadyTalk

To get started, there is a one time sign up to use the service. For the 'Phone Number' field listed below, you must use the campus telephone number assigned to you. Please DO NOT use your cell phone or department phone number to sign up to use ReadyTalk. As a result of signing up, you will receive an access code that you will use when setting up teleconferencing meetings.

  • Go to ReadyTalk Sign Up and enter the *Required information. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. This email will include your account information that will allow you to schedule instant audio and web conferencing calls.

Readytalk sign up

How to Use ReadyTalk

Readytalk Main Page

To begin your ReadyTalk audio or audio/web conference:

  1. Conference participants call the ReadyTalk toll-free conferencing phone number:
    • 1-866-740-1260 - Domestic
    • 1-303-248-0283 - International
  2. Participants enter the 7 digit access code that was provided by the chair person
    • The chairperson will be prompted to enter the 7 digit access code and their chairperson passcode

To begin your web conference:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the access code given to you by the chairperson
  3. If you are the chairperson, enter your access code and passcode