Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows users to participate in off campus events such as forums, lectures, interviews, meetings and discussions. Each facility is equipped with the data projector, codec, camera, microphones and speakers and/or a speakerphone.

UCSC has several rooms equipped for videoconferencing. All of these facilities are designed to be self-service. If assistance is needed to test, set up and/or originate a videoconference, there will be a labor charge based on the amount of time needed for support.

The rooms at UCSC support H.323 videoconferencing, not Skype. If it is necessary to use Skype for a conference, a laptop needs to be used. The webcam, microphone and speakers on the laptop are the devices connecting the Skype participant, not the videoconference codec.

McHenry 1336, seating up to 22 people, is equipped with a Lifesize videoconference device that allows up to 4 simultaneous connections. The room also contains a document camera.

McHenry 1343 and McHenry 1345 both contain desktop videoconference PCs with webcams. The size is ideal for 1 or 2 people. They also contain speakerphones allowing users to participate in web conferences such as Ready Talk.

Please submit the Videoconference Request Form to schedule a videoconference in McHenry 1336, 1343 or 1345.

Other campus videoconference rooms:

  • Kerr Hall Room 61
  • Communications 143
  • Delaware A138

All of these rooms are equipped with data projectors and speakerphones. These rooms are multi-use facilities, consequently requiring a 10 working day notice for reservation.

Arrangements to use Kerr 61, Comm 143 or Delaware A138 can be made on CruzTime. 


Delaware Room A138, Kerr 61 and Communications 143 are official ITS Division Operation Centers (DOC). They are utilized by ITS staff to perform the operation of restoring functionality of critical campus systems following a disaster and/or extended service disruption. Be prepared to relocate should the room be needed for this purpose.

Meetings that require the video conference equipment take priority. If your meeting is not a video conference, please reserve a different room if possible.

Video conference rooms are self-service rooms. No immediate technical support is provided. Read the Quick Guide.

Name CruzTime
Baskin Engineering 156
Communications 143 r:comm
Delaware A138 r:23
Engineering 2, Rm. 192
Engineering 2, Rm. 194
Interdisciplinary Sciences Bldg 126 r:isb
Kerr 212  
Kerr 61 r:kerr
McHenry 1336 r:fitc
McHenry 1343 r:fitc
McHenry 1345 r:fitc

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