Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There are three different VPN services that support remote access requirements.

  • Campus VPN - provides a full tunnel VPN service that is a secure (encrypted) connection to the UCSC network from off campus. Common uses of the Campus VPN include access to File Sharing/Shared Drives and certain applications that require a Campus IP address. This VPN will NOT work when accessing the Campus network from many countries abroad such as China. 

  • Data Center VPN - provides a secure (encrypted) connection for privileged access to systems in the UCSC Data Center. Privileged access includes systems administration, application and database administration or elevated access to IS3 restricted systems. *Data Center VPN is changing to full tunnel VPN in August. More information

  • Academic Divisional Computing VPN - provides a full tunnel VPN service. This secure connection to the UCSC network from off campus will allow access to the Campus network and various divisional resources. For more info on this service go to:

Electronic journals and other Library subscribed resources are not available via the Campus or Data Center VPN. Go to on the Library site for more information.