ITS Diversity Resources

"We embrace diversity in all its forms and we strive for an inclusive community that fosters an open, enlightened and productive environment." UCSC Principles of Community

The University of California is committed to achieving excellence through diversity in the classroom, research lab and the workplace. It strives to establish a climate that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes respect for the contributions of all students and employees. 

Welcome to the ITS Division Diversity Resources Site. In our commitment to diversity, we welcome people from all backgrounds and we seek to include knowledge and values from many cultures. 

Our goal to work toward an environment that values diversity requires that we create, promote, and maintain activities and programs that further our understanding of individual and group diversity. This Site was designed to provide ITS staff greater access to diversity resources. Numerous programs already exist at UCSC that demonstrates the campus commitment to diversity.

If you have any questions or suggested diversity resources for this site, please contact Magge McCue.

ITS Diversity Library and Movie Collection

The following books are available for ITS staff to check out and return once finished reading. If you would like to check out one of these books, please contact Scott Councilman for details.

  • The Struggle for Black Equality 1954 - 1980 by Harvard Sitkoff
  • An American Story by Debra J. Dickerson
  • The Removal of the Choctaw Indians by Arthur H DeRosier Jr.
  • The Spanish-American War and President McKinley by Lewis J. Gould
    Covers the doctrine of Manifest Destiny
  • The National Experience, Part 1
    History of the United States to 1877
  • The National Experience, Part 2
    History of the US from 1865 to 1981
  • The Cold War 1945 - 1972
    by Ralph B. Levering