Infrastructure and Operations

Decorative image - old time photo of machinery

Decorative image - old time photo of machinery (click to see the source)

The Infrastructure & Operations group serves as the key link between APM and Core technologies, bridging the gap between the applications we maintain, and the servers and hardware that support them. We focus on application administration services including patching, configuration, security, and performance tuning for a wide range of APM and associated servers. 

  • Group Manager: Charles McIntyreIOps Portfolio
  • Group Members:
    • Team: Business Infrastructure
      • Rex Core
      • Matt Henderson
      • Juanita Keh
      • Anh Ma
      • Michael Puckett
      • Cathy Sewell
      • Mimi Tinetti
    • Team: DBA
      • Ken Smith - Lead
      • Darrell Abbott
      • Ling Lei
      • Phil Meads
      • Deb Nordland
      • Iran Rodriguez
    • Team: Enterprise Systems
      • Glenn Blackler - Lead
      • Kristin Bradham
      • Kate Brownfield
      • Andre Daniels
      • Nate Donovan
      • Scott Hovey
      • Michael Siladi

Contact Us: We support a large variety of servers and tools. Use IT Request to put in a ticket

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