Web, Mobile & Project Management

Decorative image - old time telephone switchboard

Decorative image - old time telephone switchboard (click to see the source)

The Web / Mobile and Project Management group supports a large portfolio of web applications, ranging from our primary campus web services to small departmental systems. We also support the ITS Divisional Project Management methodology and provide training for campus community members working in the area of project management and business/systems analysis.

With our combination of best practices expertise and our forward-facing development workflow, WMPM seeks to develop a reputation for agility and effective problem-solving. Our vision is to combine standards and templates in a rapid development approach that provides solutions for small to medium departmental application problems, and improves services throughout our portfolio.

  • Group Manager: David Turnerportfolio-wmpm288x315.png
  • Group Members:
    • Team - Project Management
      • Leslie Geary - Lead
      • Shashank Nimje
      • Corinne O'Connell
      • Teresa Silva
    • Team - Web Applications
      • Jeff Rosczyk - Lead Developer
      • Mia Cantrell
      • Rodney Diepersloot
      • Tom Gardner
      • Wes Gray
      • Henry Heikkinen
      • James Snook

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