ITS Organizational Change Effort

The ITS Division has embarked on a major reorganization to promote lean thinking, strengthen customer focus, and develop a governance model where the consumers of the technology become participants in institutional decisions. Campus Announcement

Led by Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Van Williams, the organizational changes are designed to address a number of challenges:

  • Customer needs were sometimes delayed due to technology limitations or resource constraints.
  • Some services were "one-deep" or siloed within a small group of technical support staff.
  • It was difficult to implement division-wide technical standards.
  • Performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) were not always tracked, and data was not always used to provide leadership with actionable information on the technologies and services deployed.

This transformation centers on developing a product mindset that aligns more closely with customer requests, improves the user experience, builds technical skill depth, and adapts more quickly to the dynamic needs of the campus.

Organizational change is disruptive even though the future state will result in more consistent support from all parts of the organization. We are doing everything to ensure that your level of IT support does not change during this transition.

Email if you have questions. reorg image

What is NOT Changing

  • Academic support: ITS staff supporting academic divisions will continue to report to their ITS Divisional Liaison, will continue to be located in the same division, and will continue to support the same faculty and staff they are currently supporting today.
  • General technical support: There will be no changes to the way you ask for technical support in either academic or administrative divisions, in fact, it will be enhanced!

What IS Changing

  • ITS has a new leadership team:
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Interim, Melanie Douglas
    • Chief Operating Officer (COO), Magge McCue
    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Brian Hall
    • Chief Product Officer (CPO), Interim Byron Walker
    • Chief Experience Officer (CXO), TBH
  • Professional development: We have increased our commitment to professional development and will encourage staff to participate in formal professional development plans as part of their annual goals. We are adopting a set of modern technology practices within the ITS organization. As part of this adoption, we are investing in training all ITS staff in these practices.


If you have questions about the ITS reorganization, please email

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