ITS Reorganization 2019

Since fall 2018, VCIT Van Williams, the IT leadership team and senior directors have been steadily working on redesigning the structure and function of the ITS Division.  reorg image


  • New Leadership Team in place August 2019
  • Strategic planning and organizational design Feb. - July 2019
  • Execute the new organization and reporting changes fall 2019

Note: Reporting changes for staff or middle management roles will not be executed until fall 2019. Van will continue to identify, and in some case make role changes now, in preparation for the changes.

Last fall, VCIT Williams conducted a strategic assessment of Information & Technology on campus. That work resulted in a new purpose, mission statement and a set of strategic objectives for the ITS Division.

  • Purpose (Why we exist) Use information, technology, operational excellence and innovation to maximize UCSC’s global impact.
  • Mission (What we aspire to do) Amplify the UCSC student outcomes, research impact, reputation and reach.

Strategic objectives

  • Best in class technology enhanced education - We want to help drive student outcomes and workforce development.
  • Powerful, accessible and easy to use and scalable research IT services - We can support research acceleration by democratizing access to high performance computing, research data and datasets, data visualization tools and programming support.
  • Business process optimization/automation - We can help dramatically lower operational costs and risks by investing to streamline and automate campus processes, standardize our own internal processes and tools, and reduce duplicative services.
  • Create world-class digital experiences - This elevates our reputation with students, faculty, staff and other constituents by showing not telling what a great brand experience looks like.
  • Innovating through partnerships - Leverage the power of our faculty, staff, alumni and corporate partners to experiment with creating new revenue streams and different business models.

Why is ITS Changing?

We are making organization changes to address:

  • Unclear vision, goals and plans
  • Process waste and unnecessary duplication of efforts
  • Inefficient distribution of skills and knowledge
  • Service value not measured
  • Unclear IT org linkages
  • Uneven work distribution
  • Funding structure, stability, style and amount
  • Shadow IT
  • Uneven relationships with customers

Benefits to reorganizing

  • Elevates the importance of user experience and customer focus
  • Emphasizes staff development
  • Grouping by skill-set affinity builds technical depth
  • Grouping by product/services deepens institutional knowledge
  • Cross functional design promotes knowledge transfer
  • Promotes transparent service costing
  • Supports and bridges historical divisional divides

Organizational change is disruptive even though the future state will result in more consistent support from all parts of the organization. We are doing everything to ensure that your level of IT support does not change during this transition.


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