UCSC Digital Accessibility Hub

University of California Santa Cruz is pushing additional efforts in creating an inclusive learning and working presence on the web for students, faculty, staff, additional partners of the university. This website provides resources on the best practices for the University's community, this will includes our policies, campus training and learning resources and our campus wide information technology services support.

Having an accessibility barrier? 

  • This is for reporting an accessibility barrier using a webpage.
  • This is more of a SlugHub reporting, similar to an accessibility issue related to digital accessibility. 
    • For example, "I have encountered an accessibility barrier: The page is improperly formatted for my screen reader."
    • Another example, "I want to report an accessibility barrier: A link is broken and the image is not loading on the page."


 Get help with accessibility

Accessibility Corps

More help can be provided by our campus's Accessibility Corps, students are trained on various accessibility topics to prepare them to respond to any service request instructors might encounter. This includes helping to produce accessible materials, edit captioning for videos, and review the flow of information in Canvas courses to proactively address any accessibility concerns. 

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Students looking for disability accomodations, visit the Disability Resource Center contact page

Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC)

Faculty and staff looking for disability accomodations, visit the Disability Compliance and Officer Coordinators contact page

Staff Human Resources (HR)

Staff looking for additional information and need help contacting UCSC's human resources, visit the Staff Human Resources page

UCSC's Keep Teaching 

Additional resources for faculty and staff on accessibility, visit the Keep Teaching page

UCSC's Keep Learning

Additional resources that support students at UCSC, visit the Keep Learning page

University Library

Our university library provides many disability services, visit our University's Library page


Why is accessibility important?

Our school website provide access to information, resources, and opportunities to as many people as possible. Here at University of California Santa Cruz, we want to establish equity and inclusitivity to all participants through the web.

Our policy

Under the UC Office of the President, UCOP IT Accessibility Policy and Electronic Accessibility for Content Developers includes the UC's policies and procedures on web accessibility. 
More information on UCSC's accessibility policy efforts are under Website Accessibility Page and ITS accessibility Policies.


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    Web accessibility

    Learn how to make your web content to be more accessble for all users.

    Checking websites for accessibility

    WCMS best accessibility practices

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    Accessing assistive technology

    UCSC provide accessible technology tools to students, staff, and faculty members. Learn how to access them and more information on these tools.

    Screen readers

    Microsoft Immersive Reader

    Lecture capturing

  • Teaching

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    Zoom and Canvas accessibility

    Learn the best practices of accessibility for Zoom and Canvas to make your instructions, presentations, or meetings to become easy to use and access for your students and staff.


    Keep Teaching Zoom guide

    Zoom live captioning article


    Keep Teaching Canvas guide 

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    Video and image accessibility

    Learn how to make all your media content, including images and videos accessible to all users.

    Video Accessibility Resources

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    Document accessibility

    Learn how to make your documents and PDFs accessible.

    Accessible PDFs and scans

    SensusAccess document converter tool

  • Get involved!

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    If you want to learn more about the world of digital accessibility, there are recommended workshops, events, including Slack channels and committees you can join dedicated to help you learn more about digital accessibility and improve the digital accessibility throughout the campus community.
    Learn more about UCSC's information technology (IT) program and the accessible technology committee by visiting the IT accessibility program page.
    Our University of California (UC) community has a slack channel dedicated to the tech community in the UC system. You can learn and collaborate with different partners who are also part of our UC community and who are also advocates in making the accessibility presence more visible on campus. Join by visiting the UC tech and their accessibility channel.