eCommons is no longer available.

eCommons has been replaced with Canvas as the campus learning management system. All course materials should now be delivered through Canvas. Learn about using Canvas for instruction.

Preserving Course Materials from eCommons

The FITC has extracted some course materials from eCommons for courses and project sites beginning Fall 2012 into the eCommons Google Drive Archive. Extracted materials include syllabus, resources, web links and some materials from assignments.

eCommons course and project site owners can access extracted materials by contacting the FITC to request a link to your course sites and project sites in the archive.

The eCommons Google Drive Archive is not a complete backup of all materials in eCommons. Materials extracted to Google Drive include syllabi, resources and some other content. Tests and quizzes, complete assignments, and forums have not been preserved. Contact the FITC for a Google Drive link to the existing archive of extracted materials.

Migrating Course Materials Extracted from eCommons into Canvas

Upload the relevant materials into a Canvas course shell when preparing to teach the course. Each quarter, all courses will have a course shell automatically created in Canvas, including enrollments. You can configure your materials directly in the course that your students will access. Configuring your materials in Canvas when you are preparing to teach the course will ensure that you are configuring under the latest Canvas features and including the most relevant materials. Once you have created the course in Canvas, it can be copied into the course shell for subsequent quarters.

If you wish to establish a default course now that you can copy from and further customize for future quarters:

Using Materials Retrieved from eCommons
  • Tests and quizzes must be recreated in Canvas. 
  • URLs in materials extracted from eCommons may point to other pages in eCommons. Test all URLs and rebuild as needed.

Contact the FITC for any advice and assistance you need in uploading content and organizing your course in Canvas.

Project Sites: Non-academic content in eCommons

In addition to course sites for instruction, eCommons was used for extra-curricular materials and non-academic uses, including research support, departmental support, certifications, recruitments, reviews and more. Site owners of these project sites are responsible for establishing a new location for the content, if required. Project site content has been extracted into the eCommons Google Drive Archive, as described above.

Click here for a chart that provides guidance on where to host different types of content. Canvas is reserved for academic course content, curricula, and certain types of certifications. Other options as illustrated include Google options, Faculty WordPress, and UC Learning Center.  Contact the owners of these services or the FITC if you have questions, or if you wish to use Canvas as a new home for your project site, contact