eCommons Access Ends March 30, 2018

Teaching in eCommons

eCommons will remain available for instruction through Winter 2018. However, no new courses or course materials should be developed in eCommons. Also, no graduate-level courses may be hosted in eCommons. 

Faculty who wish to use eCommons to teach undergraduate courses in Fall 2017 or Winter 2018 using materials in eCommons should email and request that the existing course be duplicated and new roster attached.

Canvas automatically includes a course shell with enrollments for each course, so students will see your course in their Canvas list of courses. Notify your students that the course materials are in eCommons. Providing students with a direct URL will help them end up in the right place. You can also rename your unused Canvas course shell with information that will help students find your materials.

Preserving Course Materials from eCommons

Faculty and other content owners are responsible for making sure that all of the materials and information that they require from eCommons are preserved. User access will be turned off March 30, 2018. Review each of your sites in eCommons and ensure that you have downloaded the materials you wish to preserve from eCommons before that date.

The FITC has extracted course materials from eCommons for all courses beginning Fall 2012 through Spring 2017, and will extract materials for Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Winter 2018. Extracted materials include syllabus, resources, web links and some materials from assignments. Content owners can contact the FITC for a Google Drive link to your extracted materials.

We recommend that you review the materials already extracted to Google Drive (syllabi, resources and some other content), and add any additional materials that you wish to keep well in advance of March 30, 2018. Tests and quizzes, complete assignments, and forums are not preserved, but can be exported using Lessons export.

  • Contact the FITC for a Google Drive link to the existing archive of extracted materials, or if you need assistance with any materials.
  • Refer to the eCommons to Canvas Materials Migration Checklist for eCommons-to-Canvas functional equivalents and methods for transferring.
  • Get detailed instruction on using Lessons Export in eCommons to preserve most content from Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums.

Migrating Course Materials from eCommons into Canvas

Upload the relevant materials into a Canvas course shell when preparing to teach the course. Each quarter, all courses will have a course shell automatically created in Canvas, including enrollments. You can configure your materials directly in the course that your students will access. Configuring your materials in Canvas when you are preparing to teach the course will ensure that you are configuring under the latest Canvas features and including the most relevant materials. Once you have created the course in Canvas, it can be copied into the course shell for subsequent quarters.

If you wish to establish a default course now that you can copy from and further customize for future quarters:

Tests and quizzes must be manually extracted using Lessons Export, and recreated in Canvas.  Be sure to extract the content for your tests and quizzes from eCommons before March 30, 2018. Contact the FITC if you need additional guidance or assistance in getting these materials recreated in Canvas.

You can also contact the FITC for any advice and assistance you need in preserving your eCommons content, uploading content to Canvas, and organizing your course in Canvas.