Division Operation Center (ITS DOC)

The Divisional Operation Center (ITS DOC) is an emergency management team pulled together to manage extreme IT situations, (IT disaster, major security incident) that can’t be handled in normal operations. The purpose of the ITS DOC is to coordinate the ITS Division and to facilitate communication to and from the campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

DOC Activation Scenarios

Major Incident: Is an unplanned outage over 2 hours that impacts an essential campus service. The ITS Doc might be activated if additional operational resources or coordination efforts are required.

IT Disaster: Is an unplanned outage of an essential campus service or system that is down and unavailable for more than 5 days, or an outage of a system that prevents instruction (when classes are in session) for more than 24 hours. The campus Emergency Operations Center may also be activated. The ITS DOC will be activated. 

Security Incident: Is a breach or vulnerability that crosses more than one ITS unit, requires coordination, and can't be handled operationally. A security-focused DOC will be activated.

The ITS DOC enables ITS to respond quickly and efficiently to disasters, extended service disruptions, and information security incidents so that the campus can continue its key operations and recover as soon as possible to normal operations. The procedures align to FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards and BFB UC IS-12.