Preparing the Change Request

Prepare information for the Change Request via IT Request OR Email.

IT Request

  1. Log in to IT Request and select the change classification - Normal, Pre-approved Standard, or Emergency 
  2. Complete the mandatory fields in the change request
  3. Request Change Approval. For detailed instructions go here


Send an email to and include the following information:

  • Who: Team performing the work.
  • What: CHG# and Summary of outage: Include client facing service name and brief description of outage or change.
  • Why: Reason for outage or change. Why is this outage happening?
  • When: Date, time and duration of proposed outage or change implementation window.
  • Clients: If known, who and how many will be impacted.
  • Risk elements: Testing results, training required, time to perform work, back-out/recovery plan, impact if change not performed.
  • Communication: What communication steps have you taken if any? Do you need assistance with communication?

If you have additional questions about these steps, contact Lisa Gardner.