ITS Change Restrictions

ITS will restrict implementation of changes so that the necessary production environments and software remain available during key academic and administrative dates. The ITS Division Operations Center (DOC) Commander may invoke change restrictions for extreme IT situations (major incident, IT disaster, major security incident).

ITS Maintenance Windows will be removed from the ITS Maintenance Calendar and changes should not be scheduled during change restricted dates.

If a change needs to be implemented during a Change Restriction day, the Change Manager will evaluate the impact and risk, and may request participation of the Change Advisory Board (CAB). Maintenance activities of both ITS and Suppliers (vendors) that are necessary during a change restriction period must be approved before work begins.

How to submit a Change that falls during a change restriction day(s)?

  1. Product Manager submits a Normal or Emergency change request via IT Request (ITR) and includes justification for why the work must occur during a change restriction day (do not submit a Standard change request);
  2. If CAB participation is needed, the Change Manager emails the CAB who will advise on approval or rejection of the change request;
  3. Change Manager approves or rejects the change request in ITR (includes the reason if rejected).

Please contact the ITS Change Manager if you have additional questions about change restrictions, or to request to add change restriction dates to the ITS Maintenance Calendar.