Roles and Responsibilities

Change Requestor: The Change Requestor initiates the request for change. The Change Requestor’s responsibilities for given changes include providing the purpose and details of the request for change.

Change Implementer: The Change Implementer executes and completes the Change Management process and has overall responsibility for successfully completing the change. 

Change Implementer responsibilities for given changes include:

  • Owning individual changes requested and is ultimately responsible for the success of the change
  • Reviewing change request with management or service team for approval
  • Assessing the change for risk/impact
  • Documenting the change implications on both the business and the IT environments
  • Ensuring the change request is complete with accurate information at a sufficient level of detail to implement the change
  • Submitting the change and ensuring approval for change is obtained to proceed. 

Change Manager: The Change Manager has the responsibility for reviewing the change documentation, ITS maintenance calendar, and managing change restricted days to ensure minimal to no interruption to services. The Change Manager provides approval or rejection of the change request including one time approval of standard changes. Responsible for ensuring the change is documented on the ITS Maintenance calendar

Emergency Change Approval Board (ECAB): The cross functional team will serve as the ECAB. The ECAB will provide oversight for:

  • Change Restricted Day Approvals
  • The ECAB will review emergency changes post implementation. Criteria for ECAB review is based on impact. Examples include - duration of outage and number of users impacted
  • The Emergency Change is reevaluated after implementation to determine whether it was actually an Emergency Change, and if not, how to prevent such changes from being processed as Emergency Changes in the future
  • The Change Manager initiates post implementation review with the ECAB
  • ECAB Membership consists of the ITS Senior Management Team (SMT)