ITS Unplanned Outages (Major Incident Management)

The ITS Unplanned Outage Process provides for communication and teamwork during an unplanned outage. The process is triggered by any degradation or interruption of a product or service, and is considered resolved when the product or service is restored to normal operations.

  • Unplanned outages require quick attention, and all that is initially required is an immediate notification to reporting the outage. Once the unplanned outage is resolved, a more detailed follow up is required.
  • All unplanned outages are considered incidents, and an incident ticket in IT Request is used to record the impact and status update of the outage.
  • All subsequent communication should occur within the IT Request ticket, including when restoration to normal operations is complete. Make sure that sc.update is always included in the ticket watch list.

If an unplanned outage of a core or critical product or service affects a division or the campus, and is unavailable and/or otherwise disrupts academic and adminsitrative business, the outage is considered a Major Incident. The ITS Division Operations Center (DOC) may be activated if operational resources or coordination efforts are required.

Core and critical products and services include (but are not limited to): network, wireless, phone; email, calendar; financial, academic, and instructional information systems; Identity and Access Management.

Preparing a Major Incident Ticket

The Support Center Manager will open a "parent" incident and provide the ticket number to sc.update. All tickets associated with the Incident ("child" tickets) should be related to the parent Incident.

Relating Incidents:

  1. To relate each child incident ticket enter the parent incident number into the “Parent” field, and click submit.
  2. All related incidents to the parent will be captured under the Related Links in the parent ticket.

Resolving Incidents:

  1. Once normal operations are restored, change "Incident State" to "Resolved" in the parent ticket.
  2. In the "Comments" field, provide the resolution in detail. Please note: This final comment in the parent incident is customer-facing, and will be communicated to affected clients of child incidents. The "Incident State" of all child tickets will be set to "Resolved."

Unplanned Outage (Incident Management) Roles and Responsibilities

This information applies to incidents not subject to the ITS DOC procedures.

Support Center Manager:

  • Opens parent incident ticket for the outage (this should be an internal ITS-only ticket).
  • Communicates parent ticket number to sc.update.
  • Relates all child incident tickets to parent ticket.
  • Reports on the number of related incidents to sc.update as needed.

Product Manager:

  • Provides updates to the incident ticket(s) and sc.update, and communicates status to clients as needed.
  • Must reach out to ITS Communications Manager if assistance with campus communications is necessary.

Change Manager:

  • Approves any emergency change requests related to the unplanned outage.

For a hard copy of this process (UCSC internal): Unplanned Outage Process