ITS Communication at UCSC

The ITS Communication team promotes IT services and security, communicates change and outage information, and shares news about progress on projects and initiatives to better serve students, faculty, and staff in support of the campus mission.

This site is a toolkit for ITS staff providing guidance on the ITS brand, editorial, visual design, templates and other communication resources.  

ITS Communication Plan

The ITS Communication Plan provides a framework for managing and coordinating communication for the ITS Division and for creating a consistent, customer-centric message with campus populations. This plan also serves as a guide for developing tactical communication plans. 

Commercial Endorsement Policy

ITS periodically receives requests from commercial vendors to serve as a reference, advertisements, or product endorsements. Following UC policy, ITS does not participate in such requests for commercial vendors. Read the Policy


For questions, please contact ITS Communication Manager, Lisa Bono (831) 459-1583.