Data Center Services

data center The Data Center provides server-hosting and related services in a Tier 2 facility that includes cabinets, cables, power distribution, seismic protection, UPS, firewall, N+1 redundant HVAC, physical security, fire suppression and a natural gas generator. The Data Center also offers cloud computing services and can help with hosting at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Server Hosting

The Data Center offers a variety of hosting options:

Not sure which hosting option is right for you? Here's a comparison chart.

Hosts in the Data Center have the option of being placed behind a firewall with customized access rules. The Data Center VPN provides administrators with a secure method to access servers behind the firewall. 

More information about standard Data Center networks can be found here.

Managed Services

The Data Center offers system-administration services for Windows, Linux/Unix and VMware platforms. These services not required; all server-hosting options are available in both "self service" and "managed service" mode. More information about Managed Services

Data Center Support

The ITS Operations team provides 24x7 support for the Data Center. More information about Data Center Support

Data Center Standards

The Data Center's operating standards help to ensure the security and availability of this facility for all its customers. More information about Data Center Standards


A variety of storage options are available:

  • AFS - Andrew File System, a distributed file system that is mounted on the Unix timeshare
  • NFS - Network File Storage, available for servers managed by the DCO Unix team
  • Campus AD File Service - personal and organizational fileshares, available to Windows and Mac desktops
  • Google - Google Drive based storage
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services

Here's a chart that compares these options.

Data Center Backup Service

We provide secure backup through the Data Center Backup Service. Backup clients may be located in the UCSC Data Center or in a departmental server room. More information about the Data Center Backup Service


Last Updated: 10/02/2017