Production Operations

The ITS Operations team provides 24x7 support for the Data Center, including environmental monitoring, physical security, HVAC and electrical support and coordination with Physical Plant, and can also provide technician services for hardware and network provisioning.

Features and Benefits

Production Operations Support is provided in the form of a staffed, monitored, and secure Data Center environment:

  • Notification and Escalation: Operators continuously monitor systems, handle notifications, and work with the designated system, database and application administrators to determine a notification and escalation processes for outages.
  • High-speed Printing: Operators submit high-speed printing requests and managing report distribution.
  • Job Submission and Monitoring: Operators submit and monitor jobs on the UCOP mainframe and Unix servers in the UCSC Data Center.


This is a 24x7 service supported by the ITS Data Center Operations team.

For planned maintenance, the Data Center follows the ITS Change Management process, and planned changes are posted on the ITS Maintenance Calendar.

Data Security

The Production Operations team is positioned and capable of handling P1 - P4 data of all types.


Support from the Production Operations team is available to all UCSC faculty and staff who are hosting servers in the Data Center.


Support from the Production Operations team is provided free of charge.

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