Getting Started with DocuSign

STEP 1. Login to Your Account

  • All staff, faculty, and students have the ability to sign documents through DocuSign using University credentials to access the Single-Sign-On service. 
  • DocuSign works with your CruzID email address. It will not work with Google email aliases. If you have another email address such as,, or, please note they will not work with DocuSign for sending or receiving documents.
  • Enter your CruzID and Golden Password once the Docusign Login Webpage has been prompted.

STEP 2. Determining Your Role

Please click on the corresponding role for further instructions.

*For other roles, please check out Summary of System Role and Processes.

STEP 3. For Signers

  • Before you sign a document: When someone sends you a DocuSign document for your electronic signature, hover your mouse over the sender's email and check the email address. All DocuSign notifications will come from When you have confirmed that this is the email address, you can proceed with signing the document.
  • Signing Process
    • Open the email and review the message from the sender. Click REVIEW DOCUMENT to begin the signing process. 
    • Review the consumer disclosure, and select the checkbox I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures.
    • Click CONTINUE to begin the signing process.
    • After you have reviewed the Electronics Records and Signatures agreement and agree to do business electronically, you’ll be directed to your inbox. 
    • Click Sign
    • Click the START tag on the left to begin the signing process. You’ll be directed to the first tag requiring your action.
    • Click the SIGN tag. You may be asked to Adopt Your Signature and Sign.
    • Adopt a signature (You can click Change Style and select a different signature option)
    • Click ADOPT AND SIGN to adopt and save your signature information and return it to the document.
    • Confirm signing by clicking FINISH.
  • Signing Guideline:
    • Any employee who is authorized to sign an agreement on behalf of the University and signs via DocuSign must sign the agreement using their CruzID @ucsc email address and have their signature authenticated into the system.
    • If in the course of your work at UCSC, you are asked by someone, inside or outside the university, to sign a contract or legal document, you should contact the Office of General Counsel to determine if you have appropriate authority.
    • An employee signer is prohibited from delegating signing authority via DocuSign to those who are not otherwise authorized delegated signatories.


STEP 4. For Senders

  • Sending an Envelope
    • From your DocuSign Account, click NEW, then click Send an Envelope.
    • Click UPLOAD A FILE to upload a document from your computer. Locate the document you want to upload and click Open.
    • In the RECIPIENTS field, enter the recipient's name and email address. Click the drop-down NEEDS TO SIGN option to identify the action you want the recipient to take.
    • You can edit this subject and add a message to the recipient by filling in the MESSAGE fields. Click NEXT.
    • Add signing fields
    • To save a draft without sending it, click ACTIONS and select SAVE AND CLOSE
    • To cancel the envelope preparation and return to your Manage page, click ACTIONS and select DISCARD.
    • To preview your recipients' experience, click RECIPIENT PREVIEW.
    • To send your envelope, click SEND.
  • Using a Template
    • Navigate to the Templates page. Select the template collection you want to select from.
    • If you start an envelope, you can add one or more templates to the envelope. You can add other documents, recipients, and fields to the envelope separate from the templates you add.
    • From the Home or Manage page, start a new envelope from NEW > SEND AN ENVELOPE. Or from the Prepare view, under Add Documents to the Envelope, click USE A TEMPLATE.
    • In the Select Templates dialogue, browse or search through the template collections at the left and select one or more templates to use.
    • Click ADD SELECTED. The documents, recipients, messages, and recipient fields are added to your document.
  • Guidelines
    • When creating routing through DocuSign, it is the responsibility of the employee sending the document to verify that all proposed signers for documents have appropriate designated signatory authority.
    • Uploading completed campus PDFs is possible. Some PDF formats, like the post-travel expense, may require exporting the completed PDF to a TIFF file.
    • An employee sending a document outside of the University for signature must have procedures in place to verify the identity of an external party who is the intended recipient and signatory. Options to verify identity include access codes or two-factor authentication such as SMS and phone calls.

STEP 5. For Form Managers

  • To obtain a form manager role, email with the subject line "DocuSign: Form Manager Role Request," and someone will get back to you. We will provide you with training materials and ask that your build your first form in our demo environment, which you can then import directly into the live environment. To work in the demo, no request needs to be made. Simply log in with your UCSC credentials, and you will automatically have upgraded permissions. 

DocuSign Accessibility

For information on the current state of DocuSign's conformance with accessibility standards, read the Docusign Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for signers and senders.

DocuSign’s ability to provide an accessible document to signers is dependent on senders. It is the responsibility of senders to follow accessibility guidelines with DocuSign.

DocuSign makes the signing experience accessible to users by supporting:

  • Screen reader usage which allows visually impaired users to follow the necessary guidelines to sign a document.
  • High contrast mode in all operating systems which allows colorblind users to have a better experience while signing a document.
  • Keyboard-only usage to ensure that any action can be executed using only this device.

Manage Notifications

Learn how to manage notifications.


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