Design Review Board (DRB)

The Design Review Board is comprised of subject matter experts across a broad range of technical subjects. The DRB engages the campus technical community in an ongoing review of campus information technologies used in support of the University mission.

We offer the following three services:

  • Whiteboard Session is an informal way to bring experts together to discuss new ideas and projects as you are framing them. Request a whiteboard session when you want to meet with DRB members to:
    - gather input on a project proposal,
    - get assistance in framing a solution design,
    - discuss opportunities and options around new technologies, or
    - discuss concerns, risks and issues with existing technologies.
  • Security Review is a collaborative process used to identify security-related issues, determine the level of risk associated with those issues, and make informed decisions about risk mitigation or acceptance. (See also
  • Design Review is a formal evaluation of a solution design. Schedule a Design Review before you begin to build your production environment. A Design Review is required when:
    - the project is Class 3 or higher, or
    the project involves data categorized as P3-P4, and
    the project involves systems that are characterized as A3-A4.

When should I go to the DRB?

  • When you have an idea, or are preparing a project proposal, we will share ITS best practices that could help with planning and design [Whiteboard Session]
  • When you have a draft solution design, or before you build your production environment, we will identify where you can improve the design and reduce risk [Design Review]
  • Before you serve sensitive data, we will evaluate your security model and provide a recommendation to the Campus Information Security Officer [Security Review]
    • We can also help you prepare the security documentation (IS-3 Assessment and Security Issue Matrix) and identify risk mitigations and compensating controls

You are welcome to visit with the DRB at any time, and as many times as you prefer, during your project and service lifecycles.

Please contact, or your DRB representative, if you have questions or would like to schedule time with the DRB.

 Design Review Board Members: