RACI Matrices

The following is our recommended involvement of the standard methodology roles with the methodology work breakdown structure for each phase of the SDLC. The interaction of each role with a specific activity is codified using a conventional RACI matrix format for each phase of the SDLC.

The responsibility of each role is specified in a RACI matrix that relates the roles to the activities and deliverables with an intersecting letter code:

RACI Code Definitions:

  • Responsibility = role is responsible for actually doing or completing the item
  • Accountable = role is accountable for ensuring that the item is completed. Usually only one person.
  • Consulted = role whose subject matter expertise is required in order to complete the item
  • Informed = role that needs to be kept informed of the status of item completion

In some cases multiple roles have been combined in one column to make the RACI more compact and to address those circumstances where the group of have has identical responsibilities but each contributes specific subject matter knowledge to the activity e.g. Applications, Enterprise, Technology and Data Architect roles.

RACI Matrices

An example is provided below

raci example