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Create a Course site

How to Create a Course Site in eCommons Video Icon
  • From My Workspace, click the Worksite Setup link from the left hand menu.

Image of eCommons myworkspace

  • Select New from the menu options under the Site Setup page title.

Image of site setup screen

  • For Site Type select Build your own site and course site.  
  • Choose the current Academic term and click Continue.

Image of site setup create course site

  • Choose the correct Lecture roster and select Continue

If you do not have access to course rosters please see the information on Managing Course Rosters.

eCommons will display ALL your MyUCSC (AIS) student rosters for the selected quarter, you will need to set up a separate course site for each class.  If you select more than one Lecture Roster, those courses will be combined into one course site. Please Note: There will be a 2 - 10 minute delay for your participants to populate your site.

Image of site set up roster selection screen

The Course Site Information will pre-fill from the Registrar (AIS).  

  • You can edit any of the fields if you choose or proceed by selecting Continue.

Image of site set up course information screen

  • Select which Course Site Tools you would like to have on your site, then click Continue.

 Pick a few tools to start with, you can add additional tools later.  Choose either Gradebook or Gradebook 2, not both.   

Image of site setup select tools page

There will be an additional screen if you selected Lessons Builder, News, or Web Content.  If you do not have the additional information at this time you can select Back and unselect the tool.  

  • Enter the requested information and select Continue.

Image of sit-up multiple tool page

  • On the Course Site Access screen select Publish site.

You may choose to leave as a draft, however, students will not have access to materials until you Publish the site.

Image of site setup publish screen

  • Select Request Site, to Confirm Your Course Site Setup.

If you quit site setup before completing this step all your information will be lost.

Image of site set up confirmation screen

Your site will be available immediately and will be listed on the Site Setup screen. ( However, as noted earlier, there will be a 2 - 10 minute delay before your site is populated with participants from the roster). If you are a member of multiple sites you can use the Search field to locate a particular site.  You may see your site listed in your Quicklinks tabs on the top of the screen, if not, you can change these tabs through Preferences.

Image of site set up screen after site created

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Reuse Material From Other Sites

There are several ways to reuse material from past courses.  Keep in mind participants and rosters are not copied over, and all student information is removed.  Due dates and release dates are copied over exactly and will need to be modified for the current term.  Gradebook and Gradebook2 do not carry over weights or items sent from other tools.  Links should be tested for the correct path. 

If you are unsure which materials you want to reuse, import from site can be done after site setup using the site editor.  It is also possible to duplicate a course site.

Import from Site - During Site Setup

When you create a new course site, you have the option of reusing select materials from other sites you own. This option is helpful when, for example, you want to reuse some of the content from a different course but not all.

After you have finished choosing tools in Site Setup, select Yes, when asked to Re-use Material from Other Sites You Own.  Highlight the appropriate sites and select Continue.

Image of site set up select tools reuse materials

Click on the boxes under each site for the tools you would like to import and select Continue.  

You must import content from the entire tool, you can not select specific files.  If a tool is grayed out and you can not select the box it is because the tool was not made active on your new course site. 

Image of site set up reuse materials selection screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:: Where is my eCommmons course site?

Course sites are not created automatically.  Follow the above instructions to Create a Course Site.

Q:: Why are my TA's not on the official roster?

Information regarding teaching assistants isn't always sent to the Registrar.  If the TA is not assigned to a section in myUCSC (AIS) you will have to manually add them to your course site.  

Q:: How do I add a participant not affiliated with UCSC?

To use eCommons a participant must have a valid CruzID and gold password.  You may request a CruzID for Student Auditors, Visiting Lecturers, and Sponsored Guests by applying for a SUNDRY account.  

Concurrent students (registered through University Extension) also need to have a CruzID to be added to any course site. After approving their enrollment have them submit an ITRequest ticket to finish the course enrollment process. Include in the request; course number, instructor name and contact information including existing CruzID ( address if they had one previously.

Q:: How do I update my course roster?

eCommons rosters are updated regularly from myUCSC (AIS).  You will not need to add/drop students from your course site.  If a student has added your course but does not have access to your course site, advise them to wait 24-48 hours for the system to update.

Q:: Who can see material on my course site?

By default only students registered for your class and participants that you manually add will have access to your course materials.  There is a database of all course sites where basic information is accessible to the public, you may also choose to make additional materials public. For more information read Information on eCommons that is public.

Q:: Why can't students see my course site?

If you left your site as a draft you will need to publish your site before it will be visible to students.  Also, check the title of your course and make sure it reflects the the correct lecture and/or section. It is possible to create a site without attaching a roster.  From your course site select Site Editor, if you have no students listed for your course you may need to add your roster.

Q:: Which tools should I add to my course site?

This is about personal preference. Before setting up your site, review our list of tools and review the eCommons Help Guide.

Q:: Why don't I have the option to create a course site?

Only instructors have the ability to create course sites.  If you are teaching a course for the current term and you are missing the roster in eCommons refer to the schedule of classes, only the instructor on record with the Registrar has access to the course rosters.  If there is no instructor listed please contact your department to have this updated.  Teaching assistants and course designers need to work with the primary instructor to set up eCommons course sites.

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