Online Course Evaluations

The Evaluation System in eCommons is the current platform at UCSC for issuing Online Course Evaluations (OCE). This service is offered by the Faculty Instructional Technology Center located at 1330 McHenry Library.

This service includes the following processes and elements:

  • Account request process for Course Sponsoring Agencies (CSA) to be granted access to the system
  • Account creation and password resetting
  • Training Workshops
  • Paper and Online tutorials
  • Detailed Training Slides
  • Consulting
  • Help response via

To get started with Online Course Evaluations a department manager needs to download this Evaluation System Account Request form. Once you have the signatures on the form please attach a scan of the document and send an email to This will put your service request into our tracking system and you will be updated on the request status. If you have questions or would like additional help please include that in your email. We will contact you with your account information and we will also respond with any other information that you have requested.

For information about academic policy as it relates to online course evaluations please visit the Undergraduate Education site for policy related to Online Course Evaluations.