Email Tips & FAQs

This page covers many of the most frequently asked questions about working with UCSC Google Email, and contains links to documentation within the IT Request Knowledge Base and Google's own Gmail documentation.

If you have other questions that are not covered here, please seek the answer to your question at or Google's help system at You can also contact the ITS Support Center.

Setup/Connecting to Email

  • How to Access UCSC Google Email? ANSWER
  • How to change settings or setup a desktop email client (Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail) with UCSC Google Email? ANSWER
  • How to change settings or setup a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry) with UCSC Google Email? ANSWER

Outlook Specific

  • I access my UCSC email via Outlook. After the Google transition, all of my messages show the same received date, which appears to be the date the messages were migrated to my UCSC Google Email account. How can I fix this? ANSWER
  • I use Outlook. Will this change the way I access my email if UCSC moves to Google? You can continue using Outlook. Yes! Answer - Instructions
  • When sending a message from Outlook, it is being stored twice in my Sent folder. Why is this happening? ANSWER

Apple Mail Specific

  • I access my UCSC email via Apple Mail. How can I still do that after the Google transition? Instructions

Thunderbird Specific

  • I access my UCSC email via Thunderbird. How can I still do that after the Google transition? Instructions

Email-Only or Functional Accounts

  • Will email-only or functional email accounts be migrated to UCSC Google Email? What about mailing lists? Yes. These types of accounts were moved to Google in September 2012.

Sending Email

  • Will UCSC Google Email accounts allow using a different FROM and/or REPLY-TO address than the sender's email address? Yes, but only if the alternate From/Reply to address is owned by the sender, or delegate access has been granted to the account. Adding an additional address to your account - Delegating access to your account
  • Why don't messages I sent to mailing lists appear in my Inbox? When you send a message to any mailing list you subscribe to, Google automatically skips your inbox and archives the message to save you time and prevent clutter. More details
  • I am having trouble sending a message to a large number of recipients. Email limits

Different First Name

  • I prefer to go by a different first name than my "official" university first name when sending email. How do I change that in Google email? ANSWER

Receiving Email

  • How do I set up a VACATION message in UCSC Google Email? ANSWER
  • How do I ensure that my deleted email is really deleted? ANSWER
  • How do I FORWARD my UCSC email to another email account? ANSWER

Email Size, Recipients, and Storage Limits

  • What is the storage capacity of UCSC Google Email? ANSWER
  • How many people can I email in one day? ANSWER
  • I am having trouble sending a message to a large number of recipients. Email limits

Deleted Messages - Undo and Redo command

  • After moving to Google email, my "Undo delete message" command is no longer an option in my email client. Can I fix this? ANSWER

Filters (rules)

  • How do I use Filters in Google email? Using Filters in Google 
  • Can I use "wildcards" when creating a new filter in UCSC Google Email? No, wildcards are not used in Google's filters. More information 


  • How are UCSC Google Email attachments handled? ANSWER


  • How do I FORWARD my UCSC email to another email account? ANSWER


  • How does UCSC Google Email handle Spam and Viruses? ANSWER


  • How do I import contacts into my UCSC Google Email account? ANSWER 

Vacation Notices

  • How do I set up a vacation notice in UCSC Google Email? ANSWER


  • How much does Google Apps for Education cost? It's free! ANSWER
  • Will Google-sponsored advertising appear next to my UCSC Google email page? No. ANSWER
  • What is the motivation for Google to offer Google Apps for free to UCSC? To expand their overall customer base. ANSWER
  • Legal, Privacy, and Security - More Security Information
  • Who owns content on Google docs or in emails? UCSC does. Will that data be shared? No. ANSWER
  • How will Google maintain email privacy? Google maintains privacy policies for each of its applications. ANSWER
  • How does Google handle privacy and security? ANSWER
  • Is email a secure form of communication? Not really. Email is inherently not private or secure. ANSWER
  • What kind of scanning/indexing of user data is done by Google? Email is scanned for the purpose of spam filtering and virus detection. ANSWER
  • How reliable is Google email? Just about 99.9% reliable! ANSWER