Developing Course Materials and Choosing Third-Party Tools

When developing course materials and choosing tools to support instruction, it is important to understand the issues and implications around accessibility, FERPA and the protection of student information, the implications of click-through contracts for third-party applications, and copyright and fair use.

These links will guide you to useful information on:

Accessibility Policies

Universal Design


Third Party Applications and Click-through Contracts

Copyright and Fair Use

When developing and populating websites it is important to ensure that you have the right to reuse any content that is not your original creation. It is potentially a violation of the original author's copyright to reuse materials, even those openly published on the web. There is information provided by the UCSC team on copyright, as well as a very useful FAQ from UC. The Library also provides information on fair useIt is a common misconception that fair use will cover reuse in an educational setting. Be sure to review what UCOP has to say about fair use in research and the classroom.

If you use Google Image Search for an image, ensure you are searching for license-free images. In addition, here is a list of free image libraries  as well as other resources and interesting websites about "open content." Also, familiarize yourself with Creative Commons, which provides free, easy-to-use copyright licenses through Flickr and other platforms.