About IT Request Ticket System

IT Request is a web-based tool that provides an easy way for you to request IT support and services, to find answers to your IT questions, and to help resolve your computing problems as quickly as possible.

Using IT Request, you can quickly and easily send an inquiry for help on an IT problem or request or change a service. Your request will go directly to the appropriate ITS group. General inquiries for help will go to the Support Center where it will be reviewed by an ITS technician and followed through to resolution.

IT Request is available to you 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. However, the ITS Support Center is staffed between 8AM and 5PM, Monday through Friday, so a response to your request will come during those hours.

Using IT Request you can:

  • Get Help - Open an incident ticket for technical help.
  • Request or Change a service - Fill out a request form for specific service requests.
  • Track the status of your request or question. 
  • Access a history of all of your requests.
  • Look up answers to Frequently Asked Questions in the Knowledge Base (KB articles). 

What Happens To Your Request Once You've Submitted It?

  • Support Center staff will review your request and resolve most issues quickly. You will receive an email resolution.
  • Support Center staff will escalate issues to the appropriate service provider as necessary. You will receive an email response and follow-up to ensure your issue is resolved.
  • Most service requests (computer set up, printer drivers loaded, software installed) will be completed in five days.
  • Problems that effect existing services will usually be resolved within 48 hours.

How Often Will You Will Receive Notices Of Progress?

  • Shortly after you submit a ticket, you will receive an email confirmation from the Support Center staff.
  • Your next email should be notification that your request has been fulfilled, or that your issue is resolved. The Support Center may contact you if they are unable to fulfill your request in a timely manner, or if they need more information from you.
  • You can always check the status of your tickets, and read correspondence between ITS staff and others who may be working on your ticket, by clicking the Ticket Status section.