Marketplace Apps

Google offers a rich development environment for developers to extend Google Apps functionality. These apps are available in the Marketplace. UCSC has a process for requesting access to these applications.

Approved MarketPlace Apps

How to request new Google Marketplace Apps

Staff and faculty may submit a proposal requesting approval for additional Marketplace applications. The process requires principal officer support, procurement, and a security review. Please submit a ticket to the ITS Support Center to get the evaluation process started.

Non-marketplace software accessing your Google account 

The use of unapproved extensions can put the University at risk. 

All users should be careful when granting access to unapproved software such as browser extensions, integration software or other 3rd party apps and scripts.  Generally, you are granting to this software the ability to see and manipulate your data, and use and store your account credentials. This software is not supported by ITS, should not be used with sensitive Institutional Information, and could subject the University to privacy and cybersecurity risk and liability. 

Learn more about the risks of click-through agreements for non-marketplace software.

For more information on Google Apps, search the UCSC knowledge base by typing in Google Apps. You can also check out Google's help center.

Note - Update on Marketplace Apps

Google has implemented new security controls that may have caused some extensions and add-ons to stop working. 

In the past, Google had minimum, and non-mandatory security protections in place, which allowed developers to build extensions without security best practices, and UCSC had no control over their distribution. Google has taken steps to better protect user data and is now requiring extensions to meet their new security and privacy guidelines. These changes often result in the loss of use of older add-ons and extensions.