Marketplace Apps

Google Workspace Marketplace offers a large number of apps created by third-party developers that extend the functionality of UC supported Google core applications.  

Available Workspace MarketPlace Apps

User Responsibilities

Please note that UC does not have contract with third-party application vendors and cannot guarantee app functionality, service levels, or data security. UCSC provides no support for these applications. Full accountabiity lies with the user that accepts app terms and conditions. 

Please see Use of Third Party and Cloud Services for important information about policy, guidelines, and risks regarding use of any third-party application.

Currently Available Apps


* NOTE: Asana, Docusign, and Zoom cloud services are supported and approved by UCSC. The apps downloadable from the Workplace Marketplace are not.

Requests for Access to Restricted MarketPlace Apps

At this time, UCSC restricts access to most apps in the Workspace Marketplace. This policy was created due to legal and data security concerns. 

UCSC has a process for requesting access to these applications. 

Review Process

  1. Staff and faculty may submit a request access to additional Marketplace applications via SlugHubby calling (831) 459-HELP (9-4357), or via email to

  2. Requests are reviewed as time permits - no turn-around time is guaranteed.

  3. Review consists of a very basic review of service parameters that are in place at the time of the review and that could indicate a higher level of vendor accountability. Removing a download restriction in no way guarantees  app functionality, service levels or data security. 


Update: Broken Workplace Marketplace Apps

Google has implemented new security controls that may have caused some extensions and add-ons to stop working. 

In the past, Google had minimum, and non-mandatory security protections in place, which allowed developers to build extensions without security best practices, and UCSC had no control over their distribution. Google has taken steps to better protect user data and is now requiring extensions to meet their new security and privacy guidelines.