About I&T Governance

Information & Technology (I&T) governance provides advice, oversight, and contributes to campus strategies for IT at UCSC. One major function of governance is to focus on alignment: making sure that IT activities across campus support the mission of the university. To accomplish this, campus and divisional representatives discuss and recommend strategies, high level policies, and review and advocate solutions for issues facing the campus.

The goal is to ensure that I&T governance:

  • Works for the campus and not the other way around
  • Clarifies who has decision rights in the I&T governance areas
  • Aligns investments to campus strategic priorities


Key Governance Areas

Below are examples of key Governance areas and important questions in each of those areas. 

I&T Principles

  • How does business principles translate into I&T principles?
  • What is the role of I&T in business?
  • What are desirable I&T behaviors?
  • How will I&T be funded?

I&T Investment & Prioritization

  • What process changes or enhancements are most strategically important to the campus?
  • Relative importance of division vs enterprise?
  • Do the actual investment practices reflect the relative importance of the investments?
  • How is the business value justified?

Business Applications

  • What are the market and business opportunities for new business applications?
  • How can business needs be addressed within architectural standards?
  • When does a business need justify an exception to architectural standards?
  • Who will own the business applications?
  • Who owns the success of the application?

I&T Architecture

  • What are the core business processes of enterprise? How do they relate?
  • What information drives those processes?
  • What technologies should be standardized enterprise wide to support facilitated process standardization?
  • What activities need to be standardized to support data integrations?
  • What technology choices will guide the enterprise approach?

I&T Infrastructure

  • What infrastructure is most critical to achieving campus objectives?
  • What infrastructure should be implemented campus wide and what is the service level required?
  • How should infrastructure be priced?
  • What is the plan for keeping them up to date?
  • What infrastructure services should be outsourced?

Advance Research Technology

  • More details coming soon

Technology Enhanced Education

  • More details coming soon