Advisory Committee for IT Charge

Advisory to:    Campus Provost/EVC and Vice Chancellor, Information Technology

Co-Chairs:      Vice Chancellor, Information Technology & Representative from an Academic Division

Meetings:       Quarterly, more frequently as needed

Subcommittee: IT Security Committee

The Advisory Committee for Information Technology (ACIT) provides a forum for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and policies for campus information technology in order to support and advance campus priorities.  The work of the ACIT is intended to further an information technology environment that supports and facilitates the accomplishment of campus goals.  ACIT solicits input from campus senior management, relevant Academic Senate committees, and other campus constituents as appropriate for the topic. This committee is charged to:

  • Review, recommend and advocate for the campus’s overall information technology direction, capabilities, and strategic objectives
  • Advocate for campus investment in strategic information technology priorities
  • Evaluate the merit of opportunities where information technology may assist the campus in achieving its goals, and assess the readiness of the campus to leverage such technologies
  • Advise and recommend information technology strategies and approaches to effectively and reasonably enhance and simplify the end user experience

steering committee of the co-chairs and assigned members shall meet prior to ACIT meetings to develop meeting agendas and materials, review and/or draft proposed policies and standards, and oversee logistical issues.

Committee membership will include one representative designated by each principle officer..  In addition, membership includes representation from pertinent Academic Senate committees, and under graduate and graduate students.

Information Technology Services Directors and Divisional Liaisons may elect to attend ACIT meetings but will do so as non-voting members.

The Committee will meet as a whole no less than once per quarter, and more frequently as needed.  Subcommittee chair will report on subcommittee activities.

Committee representatives will serve three-year staggered terms with option to renew.