Communications and Marketing Council

The purpose of the Communications and Marketing Council (CMC) is to make evidence based recommendations and proposals to the AVC, communications and marketing and the vice chancellor, of information technology on matters related to communications and marketing tools, standards, strategies, processes and policies. The CMC will also be responsible for reviewing and creating proposals for the AVCCM and VCIT to be considered as part of campus budgeting and strategic prioritization process.


  • TBD, Chair



  • Associate Vice Chancellor, Communications and Marketing (ex officio, co-chair)
  • Vice Chancellor, IT (ex officio, co-chair)
  • ITS Chief Experience Officer
  • University Librarian
  • Dean Baskin School of Engineering
  • Dean Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Dean of Humanities
  • Dean of Social Sciences
  • Dean of Arts
  • Dean of UNEX
  • Vice Chancellor Research
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
  • Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Director, Marketing Communications
  • Director, Digital Communications
  • Director, News and Media Relations