IT Security Committee

The IT Security Committee (ITSC) advises ITS on issues of security and risk reduction. This committee is responsible for setting security policies, evaluating new threats and reducing risk of intrusion, loss of data integrity and compliance violations. It suggests and evaluates resources for approaching security concerns, and generates initiatives to propose major projects that will improve campus IT security.

The campus acknowledges the critical, ongoing need to provide a comprehensive oversight process designed to protect its information assets and electronic systems. The ITSC is charged to coordinate and direct the development of appropriate campus policy to address that need.

The ITSC will be advised regarding assessment activities, and will provide advice regarding education and communication that may be needed to support the policy and compliance measures developed. ITSC will suggest resources needed for the campus to manage IT security. These will be balanced with what are considered to be reasonable and acceptable levels of risk to be assumed by the campus.


Van Williams, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology


Jean Marie Scott, Risk Services, BAS
Denise Dolezal, Director, Privacy and Information Practices; Privacy Official
Ethan Miller, Academic Senate Committee on Information Technology representative
James Dougherty, Principal Auditor, Internal Audit, BAS
Susan Fellows, Director, Academic Employee Relations 
Student Committee on Committees representative: TBD
Brad Smith, Director, Research and Faculty Partnerships, ITS
Byron Walker, Director, Information Security and Information Security Officer, ITS
Peter McMillan, Director, Client Relationship Management, ITS
Andrea Hesse, Director, Academic Divisional Computing, ITS

ITSC Meeting Schedule 2018

  • Wednesday, December 12 | 1-2 pm - Kerr Hall, Rm. 278

ITSC Meeting Schedule 2019 - TBD